2 time Father, married, dog person with a Jack Russell Terrier. Sneakers, basketball, Lego and hiking enthusiast.


Currently leadership consultant and advisory for close to 10 companies, leader at family office TIFC, EIR for Tartu University.

Also founder and advisor to non profit Rohetiiger.

Previously director at Estonian Enterprise. I was the head of Trade, Innovation and Sustainability Center.

From 2016 to 2020 head of the board, CEO – Designer of intentional future at manufacturing company Estanc.

100 M € Under my leadership during that time with 3 years out of 5 ending up in highest profit number than ever before with close to 30 years in action for the company.

This experience helped me to prove value of multiple leadership concepts and ideas in practice.

Some successfully executed projects:

  • Culture change (new mission, new vision, new values, successful implementation)
  • New Value proposition
  • Construction of systemic business strategy, from general to functional and implementation model
  • Building up Sustainability framework, strategy, structure and implementation
  • Building up R&D framework, strategy, Structure and implementation
  • Great impact in changing governance model for the company
  • Humanized management model (Bossless) 
  • Build up of company-wide bonus system
  • Closing of old plant, construction of new. Moving
  • ERP launch and implementation
  • Business Management System aka. mapping of entire Estanc’s process ecosystem from scratch
  • Implementation of Design thinking methods into conservative business
  • Changing views from competitive mindset to cooperation mindset

Shareholder of 9 % for TIFC Family office.

Lecturer at Taltech, EBS on topics like governance, leadership and marketing.

Mentorship projects
Advisor for change of company Culture and Strategy creation for Exmet Service 2020-2022.
Mentor for Rohetiiger Pilootprogramm (Bolt, PPA, Elisa)
Mentor for Eleport CEO.
Member of advisory board at Eziil Production Technologies 2021
Key Mentor for start-ups and scale-ups at Tehnopol (Eye-Vi, Calidity)
Mentor for Industry Hackathlon 2022 for Estonian Enterprise
Mentor at Port of Tallinn Strategy day
and many more…

Honours and Awards

  • Estonia’s Best Young Entrepeneur nominee 2017
  • Estonia’s Sales project of the year 2018
  • Dream Employer competition – Future Maker 2018
  • Family company of the year nominee in 2018 with Estanc and winner in 2019 with Tammer
  • Industrial leader of the year nominee in 2019
  • Best Environment leadership system of the year winner with Estanc 2019.
  • Most mentioned leader in domestic persona brand survey 2020
  • Pioneer of civil society 2020
  • World’s best trade agency 2022 (Estonian Enterprise)

Voluntary Work

  • Member of Estonian Circular economy expert group 2021
  • Member of Innovation commitee at Rae Vald (Local government) 2020-2021
  • Federation of Estonian Family companies: Head of Next Gen 2017-2020
  • Member of economy expert group at Estonia’s sustainbility movement “Rohetiiger” (“Green Tiger”)
  • Member of Advisory Board at private school. Rocca al Mare Kool
  • Founder of Alumni board and activities at Rocca al Mare Kool
  • Member of Strategic Advisory board at TalTech
  • Lecturer at Estonian Business School

Range of Public speaking engagements

  • Dubai Expo – panel discussion on Innovaition
  • Europe Family Companies association conference in Berlin
  • Annual conference for school leaders and principals.
  • Swedbank’s annual conference for industrial companies 2x
  • Melt Innovation Forum
  • Industrial plan Forum 2x
  • Industry 4.0 forum
  • Circular Economy forum
  • Startupday for Executives 2x
  • Startup day main event
  • Prolog Supply Chain conference 2x
  • HR Conference of the year
  • Estonia’s Leadership conference 3x
  • etc … 200 public speaking engagements by now.

On top of conferences I am available for inspirational talks for companies leadership teams.

Development programmes

  • IESE Program for Management Development (PMD) 2019
  • Estonian Enterprise Business plan development programme
  • Estonian Enterprise Strategy creation programme
  • Estonian Enterprise Masterclass for design
  • Estonian Enterprise Programme for product development

Numerous leadership forums and summits.