There are 8 main characteristics to describe human physique: Agility, Speed, Balance, Strength, Explosiveness, Flexibility, Coordination and Endurance.

From zero to ten one will perform at a certain level on all of them all the time. Those numbers will change accordingly to the work you put in and through specific training. Some of them have overlapping benefits, some will face opposing directions- when one progresses the other one regresses.

It is impossible to get 10/10 on all 8 categories. One must make prioritizing choices. Those decisions will decide what kind of a body and skillsets you have. What is your style.

It is not hard to pick one tool where you want to max out. It is hard to find the right balance between all 8. Challenge is to combine together the toolbox that supports set aims like longevity and being able to run from a saber-toothed tiger.

Similarly to our bodies and it’s described characteristics there are characteristics for transformative leadership. Kind of a leadership that can pick up something that is stuck in between, where motivation and joy have gone low and create something everlasting and beautiful for everyone involved and everyone who gain value through that product or service.

Can you name such characteristics under commentary?

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