As of late I have recognized my inability to accept and be patient about negative emotions or negative sensations. Most of my past has been keeping me informed about the need to always have the answers and always strive. Always to immediately find ways out of discomfort.

As of late I have found out that not escaping but accepting negative sensations is what leads to progress. Escaping leads to getting stuck.

In my previous leadership roles I have had success despite this notice. I think the big difference is that if you are not vulnerable and accepting of both, the shadow and the light then it is really hard to sustain long term connection and progress. In short to mid term it is possible but at one point you will reach a dead end.

Mastering surrender and trust to both sides and listening to whispers of negative sensations for sure leads to progress made as a leader. Leads to life better lived as a person. Leads to service.

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