Creating positive change and impact with leadership can only happen in case of it being wholesome.

Definition of wholesome leadership to me is about mastery and skillful usage of four different personal levels of us showing up in our lives.

1) Spiritual intelligence

2) Emotional intelligence

3) Cognitive intelligence

4) Body intelligence

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While describing how all of those contribute to wholeness is a topic for longer post, an article perhaps, then this time I simply want to emphasize the fact that leadership can only be as grounded and impactful as is the level of your weakest link.

Many of leaders have very uneven distribution between mentioned four personal attributes.

Being very educated, let’s say 10/10 does not mean a thing if for example you at your body level which is the manifestation of your spirit don’t show up on daily basis as a leader or you don’t practice empathy or do not understand the interconnectedness of us all.

Journey of a leader is one where the road does not get narrower, it gets wider. Covering all bases is unavoidable looking to score a home run or to advance the cause of your team.

Getting to more wholesome is the way how to spiral up.

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