Author: Simon Sinek
Title: The Infinite game – How do you win a game that has no end?

Summary in one paragraph: Simon Sinek is my hero. Everytime I read his books (4 of them by now) I feel like huhh…. what a relief, reading this book saved me from having to write a book about that topic myself.

Like no other leadership thinker I feel that his words come also from inside my own deepest beliefs. When we speak of The infinite game I was actually a bit suspicious. I had seen video about Simon’s presentation on the book at a leadership conference and then once more live in Stockholm at another leadership summit. These two were 1:1. Good points but felt like polished products.

Because of that I waited for a while before picking up the book itself, not believing that it would add much. Luckily, I was wrong.

Basically, the book gives very clear distinction before short-termistic shareholder value maximation type of leadership and long-termistic stakeholder model leadership and why it matters to try to sport the last one.

I am absolutely sure that if you are serious about your leadership journey, you will love it.

Personally, I have always built my leadership practice around the just cause and putting people first, so that they could take care of the clients. This book gave another vote to support this approach.

Who should read: Every leader out there! After reading this book you will know whether you suck as a leader or if you are good. This book is real good in making that clear.

Rating: 10/10

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