As you take on a big and infinite role you reserve part of yourself. A proportion of time out of your day. Borrow capacity from your limited amount of thoughts per day, limited amount of words per day.

As you progress through that endless journey you experience wins and losses. Bad thing about wins is that they are forgotten very cuickly. Worse thing about defeats is that something always sticks.

As you progress on an infinite task those sticky pieces of bad energy accumulate over time. Slowly it starts to wear you down. Gets harder and harder to keep that light shining in your eyes.

From time to time even just cause and good companion can’t make up for those built up stickybombs.

If that’s the case, you feel like you are more and more trapped, less and less free.

Best decision to make in that situation is to leave and believe that around the next corner is a step forward. Another lesson, another expression of love!

You know you have worked for exactly that!

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