Owner, shareholder, founder, coach, mentor, director, member of advisory board, head of board, strategist, leader, lecturer, teacher … These are all roles that I have been and still am identified by.

For most of us, such titles are connected to the destinations of their journeys. A sight ahead and arriving at any of those simultaneous roles is often thought to be the beginning of the rest of the life. Good life. That is part of what success is sold to be in our culture.

Every mountainclimber at the same time knows that reaching the peak and achieving your ultimate goal is really being half-way there.

Climbing the peak can feel like path of pressure to achieve your objective. If our inner World could be mirrored I would compare this part of the journey as water in the pool after someone has just jumped inside. Disturbed from it’s natural state but in fact important to be able to return to the state of peace knowing it can be distorted to other forms.

What happens after peak?

I think for many, truth is revealed about what is next. This is not the moment of arriving. This is a moment where you can start erasing your disillusion. You can start redecorating but not breaking down your built separation into connection. The beginning of letting go.

Understanding of what is our natural way of being can follow. Achieving man can often be unconscious about his clinging thought patterns and habbits. As our awareness grows we will be more present.

Being ready for descending will provide insights of what balance can be like and what ultimately is of value in our human experience.

Don’t let our society’s culture disillusion your heart. It knows everything before you learn and unlearn what success is pictured to be.

True achievement for mountain climber is arriving back at home where the journey began from.

I am someone who has learned to trust God and it’s miracles to guide me so I am still unaware if next thing for me is being the prime minister or a kindergarden teacher but I am quite convinced that I am on my descending path learning to enjoy less and less and can feel more and more fulfillment and eudaimonia as I see myself proceeding on that journey.

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